Each project is unique and presents a variety of diverse goals and requirements. It is our utmost goal to provide every client with the design solution that best suits their needs. With that in mind, we approach each project with the following philosophy to help guide the design process.

Envi Design believes successful design begins with a clean palette. Our designers work with the client to determine succinct goals and objectives: what elements, materials and objects are necessary to meet these goals, and what are excessive? Simplicity is the key to a pure and efficient design.

Envi Design strives to use natural and environmentally safe products. A healthy interior should not contain harsh chemicals or toxins. From building products to cleaning products, Envi endorses the use of natural and/or low V.O.C. (volatile organic compound), reclaimed and recycled materials.

Every interior requires careful space planning. Envi Design works find a perfect balance between beauty and function. In achieving this balance, Envi studies utility and comfort, shadow and light, texture and color amongst other refined techniques and skills.

These elements define an environment, giving it ambiance and character. Well-balanced design creates comfort and calm within a space.

Envi design understands the importance of the psychology of architecture and design. One's physical, psychological and emotional reactions to a well-designed interior stem from the energy within a space.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science of the energy, or "chi" that breathes life into the constructed environment. Envi design employs many of the basic principles of this practice, but modified to contemporary living. During the design process, we study relationships between space and objects, lighting and sound and the natural flow within a floor plan. It is our philosophy that such relationships can energize a space and therefore incite human reaction: whether it be relaxation, excitement or reverence.